Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stop Being a Hans

Before I get the obligatory “u mad” I will answer that. Hell yes I am mad. My anger reaches back a few month before Inferno. The forums were ablaze in discussions over the proposed and rumors changes, not all of it was civil. Most did keep their cool and gave their views on the good and the bad. From my preservative it was almost an even split on most issues. The issues were debated to death, brought back to life, and mercilessly slaughtered over and over.

I never really posted on the forums before but what better time to start than on something I almost cared about? Giving my opinion on the docking issue I left it at that. Once it was settled that you would not be allowed to dock in enemy controlled systems I.Law leadership decided to move from Arzad to Egghelende. We did not want to risk being locked out of our assets and since Egg is closer to Kourm, what is considered by many the center of the war, we thought it worked out very well tactically. In addition many of us in I.Law like to do a little pirating from time to time and Egg is great for that.

I didn't think much of our move. What commander fighting a war would risk losing access to all his weapons? We fought like hell to help keep Kamela for those that chose to base there. If Kourm was in danger of being lost would the Minmatar have kept all their ships their? I would say no.

By now Hans Jagerblitzen was taking some serious heat on the forums. Many people did not like the changes and they told him so. Most knew he could do little to sway CCP but since he was the liaison he bore the brunt of the assault. Instead of remaining civil he lashed out. He chastised corporations for moving from the war zone or considering dropping from FW all together. Most of this was directed at Amarr. Since the Minmatar were clearly winning the numbers war and controlled many more systems than the Amarr they had little to complain about.

Even in a heated discussion people were expressing their concerns and praise for the up coming changes. Hans took it upon himself to insult and degrade anyone not for the changes. His response turned from “I'll pass it on” to “suck it up” and “come at me bro”. How can people discuss something they disagree with without, um, disagreeing with it?

In my views Hans was meta gaming the fuck out of FW and his role as CSM. I found it rather telling that the Minmatar started pushing systems before any real announcements were made. I called him out on the forums and left it at that. To be fair to him I mailed him in game and explained that I don't hate him but disagree with how he is going about the FW changes discussion. Since then he has posted almost everywhere how Amarr just needs to suck it up and “come at me bro”.

I mostly left his underhanded insults alone. Why feed the troll? Until recently I thought we had moved past the whole moving to Egg was somehow I.Law retreating. I was wrong. Hans must really have a hard on for what I say. He must really fucking hate me. He must hate I.Law. He can go fuck himself.

I recently blogged about how fucked up the LP situation is. Goons recently confirmed what many had thought. Hans must disagree. Since I posted my last blog he had this to say.

You sir, get what Faction Warfare is all about. You’ll go far here, keep up the good fights. Thanks for bringing all the action, sure beats sitting in Egghelende complaining about station lockout and shitty LP prices doesn’t it? “

Are you for fucking real? Hans you sniffling piece of shit. I'm out fighting almost every night. I FC fleets and kill shit and die and have fun. That's my Eve. I will bitch, whine, complain, and blog about what I think is wrong with FW. But I don't sit in Egg. Who the fuck do you think you are?

You said “come at me bro” and I have almost every night. Hell we even tried to get a cap fight in LNA time zone and you fucks ran. Props to FWEDDIT for bring you a fight. Lord knows I try but unless you have a BC for everyone of my cruisers or twice my fleets numbers or logi when we have none you run like little girls. Since Amarr does base in more than two systems right next to each other we don't have the luxury of almost instantly reshipping to match what LNA brings. If we win the fight we win, if we lose we lose. End of story.

So yes, I am mad. Not at the Minmatar though. They have done an excellent job using the current FW rules to hold systems and make some good isk. I'm mad at Hans for being a Hans (In I.Law vent we don’t say douche any more we say “stop being a Hans”).

So Hans, stop being such a fucking Hans!


  1. Confirming we do say that. Also, anyone blowing things out of proportion is a Susan.

  2. Almity, AFAIK Hans is about the fairest minded player I know of. I'll vouch for him any time as a CSM member. He's also CEO of Autocannons Anonymous, and while I'm not overly fond of every member in that corp, I am of Hans and hold him in the highest regard.

    I honestly held most ILAW pretty highly too. Probably the only Minnie who had your back and lurked in your chat channels. Maybe I was wrong there... sigh.

    1. Before Inferno I had no issues with Hans and I voted for him as CSM. I did give him props for fighting for the docking issue(slammed him on forums tho). He has just made a habit out of insulting I.Law and myself.

      The thing about the written word is its hard to tell joking and sarcasm. He tweeted me today saying he was joking and trying to make a point. Even so he did piss me off pretty bad over the last few months. I can take just so many rude comments and blogs before Im going to bite back.

      Also read susans new blog! She named dropped me again.....

  3. Susan is another matter. But she's a troll, like all the KA POW POW guys. She just happens to generally (but not always) troll in line with opinions that I agree with.

    OK, I still like you guys. Now let me back onto your forums.

  4. Minmatar sure did start capping a good number of systems before any change announcements were made. Isn't outside the realm of possibility that there was in information leak somewhere in the chain. Even if Hans did sign an NDA, isn't hard to send an "anonymous" email to any number of peoplein Militia. A bit Tin-Foil-y, sure. But a possibility nonetheless. In the end, it's not a huge deal. We just need a CSM as a form of balance.

    Almity for CSM 2013!

    1. I don't know if Almity will run, but I have given some thought to it. Dunno if I could get the vote support, and not sure we could get enough votes for a FW CSM if we split the bloc.

  5. we re the best, fuck the rest