Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Hard Could It Be?

How Hard Could It Be?

Today Shalee and I had a bunch of stuff to buy and move. Not the most enjoyable activity in Eve but one that must be done. I had bought a bunch of ships and needed to fit and arm them. For the last few months Thrashers and Ruptures have been my ships of choice. Everyone I build is pretty much the same. If I need something specific for a fight I just change up the one I'll be using for that.

After fitting the first five ships exactly the same I thought about something Shalee had said a few nights ago. “Why isn’t there a button that fits everything including ammo, rigs, and drones?” she mused. My right hand hurt already. The new inventory system made my task even harder. Damn she has a great point! I was sick of fitting ships and I still had another fifteen to go.

In the past I enjoyed fitting ships. As I grew as a pilot (stopped fail fitting ships) my fits became pretty much standardized. Any enjoyment from fitting my day to day ships quickly went away. Now its mostly just a chore. I still enjoy playing with EFT when I open up a new line of ships and weapons or if its a really expensive/cool ship. Sadly those are few and far between.

I like Shalee's idea. I love Shalee's idea. I want to see it come true. How nice would it be to buy your ships and fittings, click one button, change name and undock ready to pew pew the world? I'm not lazy, really I'm not. I just like convenience. I'm the guy who will spend a million isk more on a mod than go one jump to get it. Ok, maybe I am a little lazy but its still a great idea. I mean, how hard could it be?


  1. Word. This seems like something that everyone in EVE would enjoy, it frustrates me as well. I'll ask around about why this isn't the case, or if the possibility exists to improve upon the fitting button in the future.

    1. Yeah. Stop being such a Jagerblitzen and get on that, herr obersturmfuhrer!