Sunday, June 24, 2012

Been a Long Time

Its been a very, very long time my friends. As I sat on the undock of Kourm V and camped LNA in one of their home stations I could not help but smile. Will this be a sign of this to come? Was it a one night deal? I don't know but it was sure fun as hell!

The night started out asking around seeing who was doing what. Strayshot was leading a plexing fleet so I decided to put up a roam. Nano Battle Cruisers down was the order of the day. Most nights we get around 10-15 pilots. We do our “elite gorilla pvp” and roam and have fun. I was surprised to see the numbers I was getting. More and more kept joining and soon we were pushing 30 people in fleet.

We roamed around looking for anything to kill. It seemed every Minmatar we could find was running for their life to avoid our BC blob of doom. Hmm, so that’s how it feels to be on the other side of the blob. After some looking we found a Goon Swarm fleet in Egg but since we had just taken a little break it was taking some time to rally the troops again.

The Minmatar also found the Goons and were headed their way. We decided to let them start hacking into each other then crash both their parties. The goons were in RR Domies with a few other BS/BC. The minnies where in mixed BC mostly. Once the Minnies jumped into Amamake we jumped Auga and headed to the gate.

Once the fight was confirmed top belt Amamake I jumped us in and we warped to 0 of the belt. The Minmatar had been kiting the RR Domies and were about 50k off us when we landed. I called for the fleet to burn into them and spread points. I was rather surprised to see a Vaga burn right into my fleet. It died in a fire. Ok we will take that. We pointed everything we could and Fweddit's Arty Thrasher fleet landed on field. Lots of stuff died and we took no losses. Amarr Victor! Er Big Plays!!!

After waiting out our GCC timer we roamed around looking for anything to kill. We got word LNA had a gate camp in Kourm on Kamela gate so we decided to break that up. They ran. Our scouts informed me they warped to Kourm V. I sent Kato in a cane to see if they wanted to play but they would not red box him. Once the fleet landed they docked.

“So guys want to camp them in?” “Hell yes!” was the response from the fleet. Camping LNA in their home station on a Saturday night. If you told me a month ago we would be doing that I would have never believed it. Local was full of scams and Susan Black quotes. It was good. We decided to call it a night and headed to Kam to dock up.

LNA started to come back out but we were losing a lot of people. Sorry LNA I'm not that dumb. They had seen our fleet comp for over an hour and we were losing a lot of people. If they wanted to fight now its because they had an ace up their sleeve.

I enjoyed last night. We only got one real fight and it was pretty one sided but that's not the point. Amarr worked together very well. Many different corps and Alliances working together in the proper ships to control the entire war zone. I hope we can do this again from time to time.


  1. We didn't have an ace up our sleeves. We still had less than you guys but weren't outnumbered more than 5 to 1 any more, more like 2:1, odds we'll take. But you still ran.

    From my comments on Susan's blog:
    After you left on Saturday/Sunday Susan we managed a few more kills. I'm 90% sure we had a spy in our TS though, because each time we rolled out to actually get a fight we had the Amarr react with absolute precision to what we did--the first time was when we tried to engage their fleet in Auga and were instantly followed; the second was when we tried to turn tables on the fleet that followed us to Auga and they ran away.

    Then we got bored and were owned by the boosted Oracle/Huginn/Lachesis gang that runs in Kourm, though we eventually killed the Huginn when we got Tea out in a Huginn with a Drake/'Cane gang supported by drunk Bahamut in a Scimitar.

    Oh, and you missed Sneaky announce that as soon as he lost his Onyx he was going to rage quit, and then of course he did.

    Also, no more whining please: