Friday, June 22, 2012

An Apology

I know when I crossed a line and with my last post I did. I may not agree with Hans or like what he has to say but I did go to far. Hans, my apologies.
I have worked very hard to learn how to FC, get people to fly with me, and bring a fight to the Minmatar. When Hans suggested I was running he did make me very mad. I lashed out at him then and we spoke in private mails to try and hash things out.
After that we had a few more disagreements that were never settled. His blogs and posts may not have been directed at me but many seemed to be and I took them as such. After a little time I thought it was all over until he said the same things on a response to a recent blog.
Since I had just blogged about LP and I do live in Egg I took his post as another below the belt insult. Normally I just let these things roll off but lastnight I decided to let Hans have it. For bad or worse I wrote what I was thinking and hit the post button.
We are all adults and curse words are used in friendly and heated conversations to make a impact. I could have used others but I was trying to make a splash. What I do regret most is insinuating Hans broke NDA.
My next apology is to my corp. I never intended to drag I.Law into this. My personal rantings on my personal blog are my doings. We may have joked about Hans is a new word for douche but that is all.
I will sit here and accept all abuse tossed my way. God knows I deserve it. Just know my corp mates had nothing to do with it.


  1. I had a little to do with it. The Hans = douche thing was me, and I meant it to be in a lighthearted way. Thought it was quite funny, honestly. The NDA thing? Not so much. That one was a surprise to me.

    So, no, this isn't I.LAW. Just Ryven being a troll and Almity venting.

    Can we all kill each other in space now?

  2. Yes, Ryven, killing each other in space sounds great :) I look forward to seeing you both on the battlefield.

    Almity, thank you for the apology, you'll get no abuse from me. I'm sorry, too, that my comments about "complainers" came off sounding like I don't care about you or your faction's legitimate concerns, I was only to refer to those that refuse to have a discussion about the mechanics and want to distract from the issues at hand by calling out CSM or CCP bias instead.

    It's a waste of time, it's untrue, and it frustrates me, so I call it whining. I never meant to imply that ALL I-Law are whiners (they're not), or that ALL Amarr are whiners (they're not), and I hope everyone understands that the valid feedback regarding the mechanics HAS been communicated to CCP regardless of the attitudes of those sharing it. Even if this isn't the last nasty thing ever said about me, I'm still going to keep fighting for fair Faction Warfare mechanics all the same.