Monday, June 18, 2012

I Hate Faction War

I Hate Faction War

No really I do. Before the patch it was ok to say that. System occupancy meant nothing. People fought, plexed, missioned, and complained how CCP didn't care about FW. CCP finally gives FW some loving and I fucking hate it now. I hate the not being able to dock but its not a game breaker. I hate orbiting a button for hours hoping to maybe get a fight. I hate all the things /emo rage....

Of all the things I hate about current FW is the LP system. I was never a mission runner. I buy plex to support my Eve habit because I can't be bothered to mission or mine or do indy stuff. But that's me, many of my friends did run FW missions to make their isk. Now they are cut off from that. Amarr LP is hard to come by and worth jack shit. In my two years in FW I have made a grand total of 451,605 LP. About 420,00 of that has been since Inferno launched.

With the LP I have earned I could buy two or three Omen Navy's. If I flew them that may last me a week. If I sold them I'd have enough isk for thrashers and a few ruppys for a week of plexing(unless I did the current Minmatar strategy of stab everything I fly). Two months of LP for maybe a weeks worth of combat ships. This math sucks.

The winning side should have advantages. That's the point of winning. But in a game of numbers and isk the advantages compound. The Minmatar currently have 1200 more pilots than the Amarr. Even with less systems to plex the pay out is still massive even for more pilots. CCP has given the winning side of the FW battle everything. Including the added incentive to entice more pilots to join the winning side. I think I know why.

Money. Not eve money but real money. The power struggle between Amarr and Minmatar always went back and forth. In the run up to Inferno the Minmatar held the advantage. They used their numbers and coordination to push a huge numerical system advantage knowing that the time it takes to flip a system after the changes would dramatically increase. This gave the Minmatar a massive advantage, a huge influx of players, and a whole pile of isk.

The Amarr on the other hand had their source of income cut off. Many have opened second, third, or fourth accounts to try and make isk in other ways. Even more have resorted to buying plex. CCP makes a profit off of every plex sold. They make even more when someone opens a new paying account. People like there corporations, they have friends here and they don't want to leave. They have to pay for their pvp some how.

Susan Black recently blogged how the Minmatar are letting systems go. Keeping Amarr controlled systems low enough so they are stuck with horrible LP and LP store prices. Once Amarr takes a few systems they have a few more ready to be taken back. She may be full of it but the tactic is very valid. Soon many Amarr pilots will be broke. They will be buying plex or mining on a second account. CCP wins big.

I love my corp, I care for my friends, I'm not going anywhere. But how long can other pilots hold out? Not everyone can afford plex or second accounts. Some even have to earn enough isk to pay for time in game. The system has to change.


  1. Sooooo.... Let them 'win'. Let them have it all!

    As I understand from Susans blog defensive plexing gives no payout. So if you let the minmatar 'win'. Am I correct in understanding they'd no longer be able to get any LP except by fighting actual Amarr players?

    If so the solution seems simple 'let' them have it. With no means of acquiring LP their side should start shedding players (farmers) I presume? Because it's all nice and dandy that everything is cheap in the LP store but little point if you can't get the LP.

    Oh and the thing with warp stabs is true of everyone, I'm not actually in FW, but I pirate in the Gal/Cal warzone plexes are filled with speed tanking stabbed 3 day old toons there too.

    It's frustrating as hell. I think CCP should consider resetting progress on the dungeon dot when people leave a plex or cloak up. At least it would ruin the LP/hour of the farmers and maybe they'd actually try fighting then.

    1. Unfortunately the biggest LP still comes from running missions. Killing a player gets you very little LP.