Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Common Question then Things

One of our newer members asked a very telling question yesterday on comms. “Do the minmatar always run from a fair fight?” he wondered. The answer came back sounding like a group of Gregorian monks chanting in perfect harmony. “Yes”.

Sure, there are a select few Minmatar who are down for a 1v1 or 2v2 but most scamper away at the first sign of someone on their plex gate. I wish I could record the nightly sounds of disappointment on comms after some Minmatar destroyer ran from a rifter. I wish I could record the confusion in peoples voice when they explain how they wanted to “suicide” into a 3v1 fight to see if they could get a kill, maybe two, but instead the Minmatar warped out and left system. I would take these recordings and force the talking heads on the Minmatar side to listen to them every time they blogged or tweeted.

Now that the pendulum that is war zone control has swung back to the Minmatar side it's even worse. Last night, and I'm not exaggerating here, five Minmatar in frigs, dessys, and one cruiser ran from one destroyer. As we did a little corp dessy roam we got smack talked in local for um, pvping....

Phoenix Raid Yaken > getting a shit ton of LP. how are your LP gain going?
Kimsemus > disregard LP, acquire kills
Phoenix Raid Yaken > I value money


Now that I've gotten that out of my system lets get down to business. I have the pleasure of FCing probably one of the best low sec corps in Eve. Over the last year and a half we have gotten pilots from other Amarr corps, null sec alliances, and noobs looking for their first kills. Many of these pilots have stuck around and blessed us with their experience and superb piloting. We use forums and in game channels to find pilots but we also use something else, something special. Combat has to be one of the best recruiting tools in eve. We have had dozens of pilots look into joining us after we killed them.

We have never been elitists assholes. After we kill someone, if they convo me I'll take it and talk to them and offer GF's. A lot of times, if they are new they have questions about what happened I will answer them honestly or help them with fitting. Sometimes they will ask if we are recruiting and I will point them at Shalee. Sure, I could troll them and lie about what happened but whats the point in that? Even if they are not interested in joining us I would rather have them not get discouraged and quit eve, its just more pvp for us if they come back. Hopefully with friends.

The pay off is fights like this . We were out on our roam last night and jumped into Ardar. The Minmatar were set up in a medium plex with a Pilgrim and Falcon presumably set up at range. With them having three cruisers, two recons and five dessy and down ships I expected a hard fight. It was not. But let me tell you what should have happened first.

  1. Falcon jam put jams on all the thrashers. Over heated even off race jams will land on a lot of them
  2. The Pilgrim neuts out both Coercers
  3. Both Thorax’s and the Rupture were dual web fit. Dessy killers. Follow primary and kill
  4. Win the fight

None of that happened. Instead they spread damage and stacked jams. What we did was very crafty and maybe a even a little underhanded. I will do my best to explain it but it may take up a lot of your time.

  1. Spread points
  2. Follow Primary
  3. Kill

If your paying attention you can see how this all comes together(if you disregard my opening rant). We do things as a corp. We get new people in and help them out. They learn to solo and to fleet or hone their already excellent skills. We kill shit.

Finally a hearty congratulations to last weekends Corporation Tournament winners

First Place-V1triol
Second Place-Baialein
Third Place-Katerina

FFA winner Durr(really? Who puts a neut on THAT??????)


  1. 32 1v1s in March, so far, and that's filtering out "1v2s" where one side or the other cleared a plex rat first and it showed up on the KM.

    22 of those were losses.

    Hell, I'm out solo right now.

    We just won't fight In Exile guys anymore.

    That said: while boosted dessy fleets can eat a dick, I'm far more disappointed by shit like this:

    I'm seeing crap like this everywhere in the last month -- min, amarr, gallente, and especially caldari -- it's like some kind of cross-faction syphilis.

    1. Funny thing is we did not have links in that fight. Nothing besides squad commanders. Yes we use OGB but believe me when I say we were forced to. For years the people I flew with didn't have them and we always fought against those who did. Annoying yes but we still fought.

      The vast majority of those we do fight bring links. Why would we gimp ourselves just because a few chose not to fight us?

    2. I don't care if you 'gimp' yourselves or not because of our decision.

      We bring the kind of fight your guys allegedly want.
      You bring a tactic we won't engage, so...
      Your guys don't get to fight a group of guys who would, under other circumstances, bring the fight your guys want.

      That's just simple cause and effect. Charge or don't change: we can obviously still find fights, regardless.

      Here's a different question for your innocent new member: Why is it no one thinks a fight with In Exile is going to *be* fair?

  2. "Here's a different question for your innocent new member: Why is it no one thinks a fight with In Exile is going to *be* fair?"

    Because with or without OGB we normally win. Call it better pilots or leadership or whatever you want we win.