Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How not to do it

Until recently the FW blogosphere was rather quiet. I had not posted in almost two months, other blogs I follow were also quiet. I'm sure the holidays and vacations kept some away, but I believe the silence had more to do with a relatively quiet warzone.

After the Retribution changes and new and exciting fights that were had there was just not much to talk about. Sure Amarr took a bunch of systems and knocked the Minmatar down to tier 1 for awhile but besides that there was nothing to report. My corp and our allies settled into some nice small gang/solo pvp. I stopped running larger more focused fleets due to lack of targets.

We found ourselves shipping and fleeting up as needed. Things like Eve Uni or some other larger fleets strolling into our area would let us dust off our armor cruisers/BC/BS fleets and have some proper organized fun. With UK folding and LNA no longer the power house they once were our focus had to change to keep the fun rolling in.

Having the ability to put out a ping and get 50+ in fleet at a moments notice is a great thing, as long as you have something to fight. The sad thing is the US TZ Minmatar do have the numbers they need to counter us. They just don't have the organization needed.

Just the other night we ran into a 50 man fleet shooting an I Hub. There was no LNA and only a few DL in local helping. I believe the problem boils down to elitists within the Minmatar Militia. When UK needed numbers they reached out to general Militia and neutral friends. Once in a great while LNA would even come help. Sadly those days appear to be gone.

LNA has treated the rest of their own Militia so poorly they have no one to turn to. When Amarr pushed Dal, a system where dozens if not hundreds of Minmatar lived, LNA couldn't be bothered to lift a finger and try to stop us. The Euro and Russian time zone Minmatar fought tooth and nail but when they needed help their call went unanswered.

There has always been a fundamental difference between groups like LNA and my friends. We have never been elitist awoxers. Looking back at our little war zone Amarr has always been inclusive. Predator Elite, Eran Mintor, myself, and many other FC's ran open fleets. We included people in our fun. "All you can bring is a punisher? Ok get in it and undock"

The Amarr Militia has always been much more open and welcoming to new people. It has been one of our greatest strengths. We grow pilots. More importantly we make lasting friendships. If I have learned anything from watching groups like LNA  rise then fall is this; Eve is a game but it's the people around you who make it worth playing. Treat your militia friends well and with respect and more often then not they will return the favor.


  1. So true. The elitism is what is killing them and setting them apart from the rest of the militia.

  2. TBH I fly with them at night because theyre the only ones on in our TS3.

    They're really not elitist from my point of view, they have always let me flown with them -

    I think a more realistic opinion is that they don't really TRY to include others, not that they exclude people.

    1. I'm Minmatar Militia (fly with rifterlings). In my experience, some of the leaders *cough* Mr. Barista *cough* in U'K can be a bit uppity, which puts me and many of my corp mates off. They care too much about KB stats, IMO.

      As For LNA, they have a habit of wardeccing us, which makes it difficult, even undesirable to work with them.

      So basically I agree with Almity here.

      Currently we in Rifterlings are forming a new alliance, so that should restore some organization to the minmatar militia. But my corp is mostly casual players, so if this alliance becomes formidable, I'd expect a more "hard core" corp to take the lead. We'll see.

  3. Yea but youre an Asian with a beard. Youre elite among the Asians so the view of LNA might be skewed.

  4. I think you vastly overestimate their importance in the warzone. They haven't been the USTZ power house in months, and they're bleeding members due to boredom with faction warfare.

  5. It was a youtube video of Almity FC'ing that made me say "damn, i want that guy to call all my targets."

    days later i was in Fweddit. Days after that i was in an Almity fleet. DREAMS COME TRUE IN FWEDDIT.

  6. Its really curious how all the Amarr bloggers dislike LNA.

    Its also really curious how nobody brings up how shitty Fweddit treats Amarr militia members (I was in Fweddit and saw this a lot, to the point where a certain FC tried to awox some of us because we were in a militia fleet whilst there was a fweddit fleet going on)

  7. Yawn, I know the amarr have a hard on for LNA but come on, get some new material. I would feel special if anyone else wrote about us this much but since its you guys... I dont know whether to be ashamed or scared.


  8. Technically, UK didn't fold.

    Unless you meant "folded like a guy with a hand of cards, who then got up and left the table to join a shitty null-sec alliance so he could dust off his super-caps and get them blown up by PL."

    If that's what you meant, then yeah: totally folded. Well-spotted.

    For about a week after UK left for null, there was a lot of talk about the corps who stayed joining up in a new group... but that group couldn't keep their standings high enough to stay in Faction Warfare... yeah.

    So... yeah. I'm actually really sorry I'm no longer in a group large enough to match your guys' 20+ man fleets, and that I've pretty much lost any connection to 'command channels' in TLF, but the drama and cock-ups-beyond-your-control that come with being in an alliance just aren't worth it. I'll take my 3 to 10 man gangs and we'll have the best fun we can.

    For what it's worth, we always like seeing someone from In Exile show up in local. gf gf.

  9. Not everyone in Late Nite is a dick. Oh wait, technically I'm not in Late Nite. Doh!

  10. BTW how come you don't read my blog, Almity? I've got lots of great articles, like recipes and stuff. Oh, yeah, I don't troll much, especially since Pred hasn't been around and Jade has reformed. Guess I'm boring now.

    BTW, I fly LNA nearly exclusively, and always bring new guys in. White Lotus is an inclusive alliance, and LNA are our BFFs... so I'd say they haven't pissed us off, or Iron Oxide. I don't really know of any other big alliances...