Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thank F&@#ing God

Thank god that's over with. I can't tell you how much I wanted to just cash out and stop caring about plexing. To be honest with you I never really cared about what level we were at or what percent of the war zone we controlled. What I did care about was getting my Corp mates and people who I fly with some isk in their bank accounts. In my humble opinion CCP really fucked up FW with Inferno. They tried to introduce some grand occupancy plans where system ownership mattered. What they got was a massive influx of LP farming alts and still the same two or three systems being fought over.

I fully expect the Minmatar to take back most of the systems and hit T5 very quickly. Not because the Amarr Militia can't stop them. We could put up one hell of a fight. I expect this to happen because the Amarr combat pilots have better things to do than defensively plex a system 15 jumps away in Metro. There is just no incentive to do it. The Minmatar Militia have the easiest time getting to T5. They have an entire region of space, something around 40ish systems that are almost inaccessible or so inconvenient to get to its not worth the time or effort to go plex, offensively or defensively(except for AFK plexers as no one goes to these systems and its safe).

So I have to ask, why the hell are there so many systems? Why, when the two Militia's live mostly within four jumps of each other are we forced to try and control 70 systems? If that number was brought down to 30 systems total and the map was made remotely fair I think we would see a increase in fighting over systems and PVP in general. This would also deter AFK frigate alt plexing. Concentrate the people you have in FW. Make every system mean something. Honestly, when was the last time you were in Eytjangard?

I fully expect the troll blogs to start up about how Amarr failed to get T5 and fell from T4 so quickly. Things like "Even with a null sec blog Amarr suck" will be tossed around I'm sure. That's ok. The Amarr Pilots knew what they were up against. A astounding number of afk plexers, a map that's so messed up Patton himself wouldn't try to invade, and a hole so deep and dark light can't escape. Amarr created a strategy, implemented it, and accomplished their goal of a lucrative cash out. There was a lot of talk about waiting to hit T5 or just cash out at T4. I was in favor of T4. A man can only bash his head against his computer desk so many times while orbiting a button before brain damage becomes a real possibility.

Once this is all over, and Amarr pilots take a much needed break from plexing, we can get back to what FW is supposed to be about. Running Missions on our Minmatar Alt's and getting space rich!


  1. You may have cashed out. I had to work all day. So.... still broke.

  2. I only cashed out a bit. I didn't have what I needed - I know you sent several warnings about this! But no problem for me. I have isk.

    The whole eszur choke point is pretty lame as it is constantly camped by minmatar. I would like another way just to avoid the constant gate camps.

    I think the problem is not really too many systems but that plexing is boring and generally involves no pvp. If it was fun and we could get lots of pvp out of it, I would gladly base several plexing ships outside the war zone in places like amo and akkio.

    Adding rewards didn't really change plexing into a pvp mechanic.

    But yeah it would just be better in so many ways if we could dock in the war zone.


  3. The contested bar should be moved by anything that generates LP minus missions. Upgrades should only be destroyed by plexing.


  4. I was in Eytjangard last night for the first time in 4 years. Didn't even know such a shithole existed, despite living close by.
    Our alliance is having great fun offensive plexing on our own doorstep rather than having to go 15 jumps to some other dump.
    We're never going to flip the systems back, except maybe Evati cus' one of my research agents lives there.
    Thank god for Nulli.

    1. Eytjangard, ah yes I remember the good old days... when I used to get missions there. Of course, I would decline them because where the hell is that?

      But anyway I am not sure if the person above me is minmatar or amarr. I am assuming minmatar that lives up in metro. Because now he can oplex on his own doorstep and probably was happy to see nulli come so he could pad his killboard.